Field Trip Friday

This is Friday’s post…


For today’s field trip, our class went to Abernathy Park in Clemson.

 But before the field trip, I got in a quick workout (one set of leg exercises, tough enough to work up a little sweat/no cardio) and tried something new for breakfast.


I followed Gina’s recipe, found here, and they were wonderful. It was amazing to me how similar they were to real pancakes, but they had so many things that were better for me than regular pancakes. I will definitely make this again.

For lunch I had a grilled portobello and chicken sandwich with some pasta salad, and I had a large coke on the way home. Dinner was a little black beans with marinara and a chopped tomato, and some banana soft serve later. Later than that, I had a small glass of White Zinfandel while I was watching these guys…


Eddie from Ohio! I hadn’t seen this band since college, and my first impression was that they had gotten old:) I guess that’s what happens when you don’t see someone in ten years. But I had a really good time at the concert.

Cal: 1509
Fat: 25
Carbs: 263
Protein: 65


One response to “Field Trip Friday

  1. gina (fitnessista)

    so glad you liked the pancakes 🙂

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